Information About Erzulie Freda Part 2

I had many responses to my first video about Erzulie Freda, Many of you wanted more information about Erzulie Freda. So here it is. The main point to this website is to help others, learn more about Erzulie Freda who is a wonderful lwa.Erzulie Freda is misunderstood by many.


If Erzulie Freda is on your side considered yourself lucky. It is important to know both sides of a any spirit not just the good. Sometimes the not so good parts of a lwa may manifest in your life. This is why it is a good idea to seek out a reputable priest or priestess before you decided to to start serving a spirit.  I must say that Erzulie Freda is definitely one of those spirits you do not want to just pick up and start serving. Please feel free to leave comments.

Thank you

Mambo Sandy

Erzulie Freda and Depression

There is  a lot of  information out there about the positive traits about Erzulie Freda. Here in this  video I talk about other side of Erzulie Freda that people do not talk about so much. Did you know that Erzulie Freda can cause, you to have serious bouts of depression? In this video I address some issues that others do not talk about dealing with Erzulie Freda..

Erzulie Freda Is A Beautiful lwa

This was my first altar to Erzulie Freda, also known as Metres Mambo Ezili Freda Daome. I learned quickly that in certain parts of Haiti .The Pink image of her and the blue image of her mean something. But I will not get into that right now. Erzulie Freda is a beautiful lwa but she is one of the misunderstood lwa in in the vodou pantheon. The image you see of Guadalupe  is an image used for her beautiful sister Erzulie Dayila.

The reason I made this blog was to give more accurate information and to help others that might want to know more about this beautiful lwa, Also to connect with others who have Erzulie Freda in their court also known as a spiritual frame. Erzulie Freda is so well known, that other religions try to claim her as well. Which once again is how misinformation about her is spread around on the internet.

Erzulie Freda is not a lwa for a novice to deal with even though her color pink makes her seem approachable.  Here is  story about that very issue of her being fickle

The day that I constructed this humble altar or Erzulie Freda, I made sure that everything was  as pristine as possible. It is so funny how I look back at this alter and see how much I have grown  in my spirituality and service to Erzulie Freda. I am blessed to have elders that guided  me on how to do  a proper service to Erzulie Freda.


Everything was a learning process, like finding out that she does not like champagne despite what you see online. Yet her sister Erzulie Dayila loves it (LOL). Erzulie Freda love fine cheeses as well and delicate cakes.


I find she enjoys white chocolate as well. This lady loves luxury in every since of the word.  If you serve this beautiful lwa the right way or have service done for you she can make your dreams come true with in reason.  That is the other wonderful thing about Erzulie Freda she gives you the ability to dream and be creative. Haitian Vodou  is such a beautiful religion but like Erzulie Freda misunderstood by many.

Mambo Sandy