Information About Erzulie Freda Part 2

I had many responses to my first video about Erzulie Freda, Many of you wanted more information about Erzulie Freda. So here it is. The main point to this website is to help others, learn more about Erzulie Freda who is a wonderful lwa.Erzulie Freda is misunderstood by many.


If Erzulie Freda is on your side considered yourself lucky. It is important to know both sides of a any spirit not just the good. Sometimes the not so good parts of a lwa may manifest in your life. This is why it is a good idea to seek out a reputable priest or priestess before you decided to to start serving a spirit.  I must say that Erzulie Freda is definitely one of those spirits you do not want to just pick up and start serving. Please feel free to leave comments.

Thank you

Mambo Sandy

Mambo Sandy

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