Hopefully this will answer many questions you may have.


Q.What types of consultations do you offer.

A. Skype,Phone and In person


Q.Mambo Sandy what are your phone consultation hours?

A. I do consultations  Mon-Saturday from  9am-5pm  EST

I do make special arrangements for those who live over sees.


Q.Mambo Sandy do you  do in person Services and consultations ?

A. Yes I do in person consultations by appointment only.


Q. How far in advance do I need to book a large event for Erzulie Freda?

A. Do to arrangement that have to made for such event  2-3 months notice is needed.


Q.How do I know you did  my service for Erzulie Freda has been done?

A. I provide clear photos or video of all services that are requested.